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Nothing but Nets 2017 Send a net · Save a life!
October 15, 2017

The kick-off ceremony was successfully held on 17 Jun, 2017 at Fortune Metropolis Hung Hom.  JCI Hong Kong has continuously supported this charity campaign for five years.  We have committed to raise public awareness and funds to purchase, transport and distribute mosquito nets in Africa to families as well as to educate communities on the proper use of nets for best protection.  We are happy to witness the progress on how the campaign can help to save the life.  In collaboration with UN foundation and other global partners, the malaria mortality rate in young children fell by estimated 35% between 2010-2015. Hosted by JCI Lantau, it is the first time to hold the kick-off ceremony at shopping mall. It provided a chance for gaining more public exposure through this platform. Organizing committee aimed to add more elements to the program in order to raise more public awareness in different ways.

Highlight 1: First theme song for JCIHK “Nothing but Net”
Grateful that Mark Tai who is a singer and song writer, champion of “The 25th Song Writers Quest”, tailor-made the song “給我” for this campaign voluntarily. It used the first person perspective to express how the mosquito nets help the African children to get rid of being suffered from Malaria. The meaningful lyrics and touching rhythm encouraged audiences to show their empathic support to the children who are suffering. 

Extract of lyrics:
“置身在這地  微雨侵蝕我不羈
誰願伸手施予一點  盼望
劫災瘧遍行  能靠一緞網解困 
讓我每一天清晨  遙望天邊星宿指引
Send a net and Save the children
給我去護航  熒火般漆黑發光
Send a net and Save the children
憑一張網伴我  涼風一般的送給我” 

Highlight 2: First virtual reality (VR) documentary “Under the Net”
UN foundation released a new film this year which features an 11-year-old African girl. She was struggling to survive each day with her family due to Malaria. The viewer can experience her situation through her eyes/angle in this film. Under the support by JCI Lantau President Kevin Lee, the film had dubbed into Cantonese version and prepared an experiencing corner with the tools provided during kick-off ceremony. It successfully attracted many people, especially kids to the corner. It helps to achieve our aim of penetrating the message “Send a net, save the life” to different age groups. 

The kick-off ceremony was not only supported by JCI members, it also attracted many passers-by to witness and support the events. As per the opening speech of National President Teresa Poon, “In 2015, there were an estimated 292,000 malaria deaths occurred in children aged under 5 in Africa. If it occurred in Hong Kong, we must not allow this to happen! Let’s take action together! Send a net, save a life!”.

Last but not least, special thanks to Pacific Coffee sponsored 2000pcs of coffee vouchers, free refreshments for kick-off ceremony and set up the donation boxes at all coffee shops in June. We have raised HKD29,537 through the donation boxes. Also, thanks to JC Foundation for HKD20,000 sponsorship to support this project. Finally, would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all generous donors!