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Chris Chan
分會網址 :  http://www.jciek.org
成立年份 :  1980
法定語言 :  英文 會員性別 : Male & Female

成立背景 :

Established in 1980, JCI East Kowloon was inaugurated as the 12th local chapter of JCI Hong Kong, which is affiliated with the worldwide leadership development organization – JCI. Being Active Citizens, JCI East Kowloon members take up the challenges around them through local development initiatives. These tailored projects provide members opportunities to develop critical thinking and strategic planning. Members also use this platform to brainstorm creative ideas that will positively impact the community and improve themselves. For 2017, JCIEK has an exciting scheme to develop the leadership skills of young professionals. Along with our chapter gatherings with guests including leaders in the society, we have 3 large-scale external projects planned: 1.“Next Step Challenge 2017” 2.“Let's Do It” 3.“The Water Project: One Drop" Being an international organization, members of JCI around the world will gather to attend training sessions, discuss global issues, and to cultivate friendship. In 2017, we will gather in Mongolia for the Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC) and Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the World Congress. We will continue to foster international friendship with members of JCI organizations throughout the world, especially our sister chapters JCI Mandarin, Singapore; JCI Ipoh, Malaysia; and JCI Sike, Taiwan.

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