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分會網址 :  http://www.vjc.org.hk
成立年份 :  1950
法定語言 :  英文 / 中文 會員性別 : Male & Female

成立背景 :

JCI Victoria, the most senior chapter in Hong Kong, has proactively responded to challenges in the community since 1950, helping to generate awareness on important social and economic issues which impact our daily lives. As an organization of young active citizens, we are a group of energetic leaders aged 18-40 and empowered with the mission to create positive change. Working closely with the government, businesses, civil society partners and our global partners, our actions will create a positive movement, spreading the spirits of Active Citizenship across our community, nation and the world. JCI Victoria focuses on the 3 established flagship projects, “Grandparents’ Day”, “innoBrand” & “SDG Enterprises Award” with full initiatives to create a large impact in the community.