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JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes會長
分會網址 :  https://hkjtt.org/
成立年份 :  1969
法定語言 :  英文 會員性別 : Female

成立背景 :

JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes was established in October 1969 as the first lady Chapter in Asia and the second in the world. Membership is open to females aged between 18 and 40. All of our members are sharing the common belief of contributing to the betterment of the community and developing skills and social responsibility to create positive change. This is attained through the four areas of opportunity, namely Individual, Community Impact, International and Business & Entrepreneurship. With the new “WE Create Rippling Impacts” is the theme for 2024. Like water, women can be versatile, flexible and fluid. WE stands for Women Empowerment. Each Jayceettes member is a water drop and when WE gather the drops together, WE can create rippling impacts to the society by collective effort.